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Tips Getting Jackpot 918Kiss/SCR888

I am a SCR888 player who has deposited thousands of dollars in this game. So I know about the opportunity to hit the jackpot in SCR888. I want to share with you the tips and the techniques you can use to improve the jackpot achievement rate while playing SCR888.


Jackpot is only given to big players?

Not! All jackpots are split randomly. All players are big or small with the same jackpot achievement rate. So, one way to increase your achievement rate is to play more laps as the probability for you to hit the jackpot will increase. 

For example, when I hit the jackpot in SCR888, every time it was after playing a few hours and a few thousand rounds. This has proved that the more rounds you play, the higher your chances of getting the jackpot. After analyzing, This is a technique that shows the most effective results.

Should I put big or small?

In fact, for jackpots, big or small bets do not affect the chance of achieving your jackpot. This is because jackpots are divided randomly and even if you bet RM5 or RM0.05 per spin, the chance to get the jackpot is the same. On the other hand, if you are big bet, the jackpot value that you won is higher. This is the only relationship between betting and jackpot value. If you do not have a lot of capital, my little betting reserves are enough because even if you do not win big but the chance for you to get the jackpot higher.

Do different games have higher jackpot opportunities?

In my view, every game in SCR888 has the same jackpot achievement rate. I suggest that you play the games you like in SCR888 because there is no thing as different games have a higher jackpot achievement rate.

ID / Agent no luck?

What is always the case is the SCR888 players who accuse IDs and their agents have no luck. I want to make this issue clear that there is no better ID or agent. All IDs in SCR888 have the same chance to hit the jackpot. After trying many IDs in SCR888, I can conclude that all IDs have the same chance of winning. All IDs are the same, most importantly your agent will not urinate. A reliable SCR888 agent can find it here.

you can all find out about the jackpot chance knowledge and try to use the tips and techniques that I have get more tips for jackpot 918Kiss! If you want the latest update, here

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